M3 is Chicagoland’s premier Indian music orchestra dedicated to providing high quality music directed towards both the young and the veteran connoisseurs of fine Hindustani music.

M3’s music styles include popular and recognizable soulful melodies of yester-year to foot stomping dance music of the Bollywood era.
Each musical piece is performed impeccably with great attention to detail and musical fidelity.  We are proud to offer chicagoland's Indian community with music that will warm the heart and soothe the soul.
Every M3 event is a tribute to the rich and varied styles of the Indian musical heritage.  M3 is committed to preserving and celebrating our music in all its forms.
M3 (formerly SaRe Gana) has been recognized in several Indian newspapers such as “Hi India”,  Indian Reporter, Desi Talk,  and others just to name a few. 

Musical Styles

-         Hindi film songs (new and old)
-         Bollywood and dance music
-         Rich vocals in the style of the great Hindustani singers (with our partner singing groups)
-         Hindi instrumentals

Musical Occasions

-         Weddings
-         Religious festivals
-         Fund raisers and charitable events
-         Musical evenings 

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